194 Queen West, Toronto

Gray Matter

Featuring B.C.’s Eli Bennett-Sax

Jon Challoner – trumpet

Todd Pentney – piano/keyboards

Justin Gray – electric + acoustic bass

Derek Gray – drums + percussion

GRAY MATTER will make its debut performance at the Rex Hotel on Monday, April 23 at 9:30 !!! A brand new group, co-led by the Gray brothers, Justin + Derek, Gray Matter will be performing the music of legendary pianist, Herbie Hancock.

Derek and Justin have been talking about starting their own band for many years, and they are extremely excited to debut the ensemble at the Rex. Joined by some of their favourite musicians (saxophonist Kelly Jefferson, trumpeter Jon Challoner, and pianist Todd Pentney) Gray Matter will be be exploring their own unique approach to Herbie Hancock’s compositions.

 Herbie Hancock is truly a masterful musician. Throughout his 5 decade career, he has consistently explored new genres + sounds, from funk grooves to the music of Joni Mitchell. Herbie has had a huge impact on both Justin and Derek; they couldn’t be more excited to play a full night of his music. While preparing for this concert, Justin said, “I remember the first time I heard Herbie Hancock’s “Flood”; that CD changes everything for me”. Through two sets of Herbie’s music, the night will surely be filled with dancing melodies and dirty grooves.

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