194 Queen West, Toronto

Eric St. Laurent Trio + 1

The Eric St-Laurent Trio is a fresh and exciting trio that play the compositions of guitarist Eric St-Laurent and create new interpretations every night through the magic of improvisation.
Afro-Cuban rhythms combined with Jazz and Blues elements are the heart of the trio's music. Lyrical melodies, infectious grooves and riffs, plenty of interaction and a good dose of humour round off the picture.

With the unique and highly virtuosic rhythm section of Jordan O'Connor (bass) and Michel DeQuevedo (percussion), this band creates joy, excitement - and a few other emotions that simply haven't been named yet.

Eric St. Laurent- Guitar

Attila Fias- Piano

Jordan O'Connor- Bass

Michel DeQuevedo- Percussion

Performances this month:
Friday, April 26, 2019