194 Queen West, Toronto

Snaggle Album Release


SNAGGLE, under the leadership of 25-year old rising star pianist Nick Maclean, celebrates the release of their second studio album THE LONG SLOG on the Browntasauras Records label.  This powerhouse 6-man electric-jazz outfit will perform this night with their producer, internationally acclaimed jazz trumpet iconoclast, Brownman Ali!

Here's whats been said about THE LONG SLOG

"A very personal and compelling musical statement bursting with wide-ranging influences tied together by a sense of unified purpose, chock-full of hidden treasures and layers to be uncovered through repeated listening." 

- David Restivo, jazz piano legend

"So now my main man Brownman has opened the doors of his label Browntasaurus Records to local artists he's been associated with in Toronto and other locales, and the first label release from young pianist Nick Maclean's 6-man electric-jazz group SNAGGLE is most impressive! The music on Long Slog is very, very challenging, yet groovy, soulful & exploratory at the same time. Brown himself guests on 2 tunes and fits in with flying colors -- no easy task given how difficult some of this music is! Extremely well performed, written and executed you Snagglers, with high-end production from Brown in the producer's chair. Very impressive work. Reminds me of a band I used to play in!  Really well done guys." 
- Randy Brecker, multi-Grammy winning trumpet legend / Brownman's mentor 

“Snaggle’s sophomore recording The Long Slog features funky, thoughtful, and inventive compositions played by an impressive group of young musicians.   Snaggle is definitely more than the sum of its parts!”  
- Mike Murley, Juno award winning tenor saxophone icon

About SNAGGLE - www.SnaggleMusic.com
Based in Toronto, Snaggle -- under the leadership of in-demand 25 year old fast-rising jazz pianist Nick Maclean -- is a 6-piece electric-jazz-funk ensemble often described by media as “Canada’s answer to Snarky Puppy”. Sporting an all-original repertoire the group has a fearless and muscular yet introspective sound likened to a cross between electric-era Miles Davis and Rage Against the Machine. Taking elements from a wide variety of musical sources including jazz, funk, rock, and metal, Snaggle contextualizes them within the improvisational and spontaneous elements of the jazz ideology. Their uniquely brash and infectious brand of jazz-funk is a melodically driven sound incorporates primal groove qualities more commonly associated with pop and rock, swinging their live show from quietly contemplative all the way to explosively fierce. The line-up of players in SNAGGLE includes the current Guinness Book of World Records record-holder for “fastest drummer in world”, among some of the hottest 20-somethings on the scene, representing the next generation of irreverent, boundary pushing Canadian players and composers. Snaggle has been in high demand in the last year in the Ontario jazz festival circuit, and has been performing regularly in and around the Toronto area since 2013.

About BROWNMAN and BROWNTASAURAS - www.Brownman.com
Trinidadian-born, NYC-schooled & heralded as “Canada’s preeminent Jazz trumpeter” by NYC’s Village Voice, multi-award winning trumpet player Brownman Ali stands at the forefront of innovation in the Canadian jazz community. A protégé to his teacher, Grammy-winning trumpet legend, Randy Brecker, he tirelessly leads 7 unique ensembles of his own including the internationally acclaimed, Miles Davis influenced, BROWNMAN ELECTRYC TRIO. In 2009 he launched his own record label: Browntasauras Records, which saw the Electryc Trio's two now celebrated recordings garner substantial accolades and press. The label is now a home to all his ensembles as well as the newly signed SNAGGLE. Now, using the label as a breeding ground for new and visionary talent in the modern jazz realm, Browntasauras and Brownman himself are widely regarded as vanguards for the evolution of Jazz in Canada.