194 Queen West, Toronto

Jens Lindemann

Internationally acclaimed trumpet player, Jens Lindemann, presents “BRASSFIRE”- an epic recording experience highlighting a diverse range of virtuosity. As soloist and artistic director, Jens brings together musicians from Israel,Bulgaria,Samoa, and the USA in a unique collaboration celebrating themes of humanity and cross cultural connections. BRASSFIRE celebrates everything from trumpet to flugelhorn to Israeli shofar; rock classics by Toto and Chicago to southern Gospel; Duke Ellington, Piazzolla and Sting to originals. 

Jens Lindemann is the first classical brass player to ever receive the Order of Canada and the foremost trumpet soloist in his country’s history. As an internationally recognized virtuoso and multiple Juno and Grammy nominee, Jens has performed in every major concert hall in the world and has an extensive discography in a multitude of styles ranging from solo and chamber to jazz and contemporary. Jens is the recipient of numerous international awards including the Prague Spring Festival, the Ellsworth Smith, ARD in Munich and the only trumpeter to win the ‘Grand Prize’ in the 60-year history of the Canadian Music Competition. Jens has also received numerous honorary degrees, was featured at the Closing Ceremony for the Vancouver Olympics and is artistic director of the Oscar Peterson “Canadiana Suite” big band jazz project.