2018 REX ANNUAL PLAYERS PARTY (Closed to the Public)


Well, it’s that time of year again… Jazz Christmas!

If you are a working jazz musician and/or have played here at The Rex in the past year, then it’s time for you to come back “home” and let us say THANKS for another great year of spectacular live music on our stage.

That’s right… it’s The Rex’s Annual Players Party: Wednesday, June 20th @ 9:30pm (or any time after that – we realize some/most of you have gigs so come when you can. We’re goin’ LATE late…).

Remember, we’re happy to provide the food and drinks to get the ball rolling on the festivities but this is YOUR PARTY Toronto Jazz Artists! Tell your bandmates, spread the word and reassure those on the fence that it’s not ‘by invitation only’… the more the merrier!

Come and enjoy each other’s company, and don’t worry – it’s closed to the public so what happens at the Players Party STAYS at the Players Party !