Adrian Vedaddy Group (Montreal)

Richard White-guitar
Kate Wyatt-piano
John Fraboni-drums
Adrian Vedady-double bass/compositions

Monteal based double bassist Adrian Vedady brings a talented group of musicians with
him to the Rex this Sunday night. Adrian regularily collaborates with the shining lights of the
Montreal Jazz scene such as Yannick Rieu, Francois Bourassa, Frank Lozano, Marianne
Trudel and Erik Hove. In the spring of 2009, Vedady released his debut album as a leader,
In Three Acts, and has been receiving great reviews. ‘The first song, Overture, is the
kind of piece that slows your heartbeat and focuses your attention on the music
you’re hearing…create(s) a musical space that is deep wide and warm’ (Adam
Kinner, The Montreal Gazette, July 2009). Adrian Vedady should be considered as
one of Montreal’s best double bassists. The quality of his rhythymic
accompaniment, the fluidity of his phrasing, the clarity and roundness of his lines
makes him one of the most important contributors at the heart of the local
scene (Alain Brunet, La Presse, June 2009).