At its core the Alex Kapo Quintet is a group of friends brought together by their love of music. Members of the band include Alex Kapo on Vocals, Patrick Skrzypek on the Bass, Josh Smiley on the Piano, Chris Platt on the Guitar, and Robin Claxton on the Drums. Comprised entirely of recent U of T jazz program alumni, the Alex Kapo Quintet places a keen focus on the tradition of the music, swinging, and most of all a sense of joviality and humour. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Wilson, Carmen McRae, and many others, this band places great value on the integrity of the repertoire often including lesser known verses and nods to the greats in their arrangements. Reduced to its purest form the Alex Kapo Quintet is a group of friends who play great songs, swing, and have fun.


Alex Kapogiannis – Vocals

Chris Platt – Guitar

Josh Smiley – Piano

Patrick Skrzypek – Bass

Robin Claxton – Drums