Amsterdam’s Willem Breuker Kollektif

Frans Vermeerssen, soprano saxophone

Hermine Deurloo, alto saxophone, harmonica

Maarten van Norden, tenor saxophone

George Pancras, trumpet

Andy Altenfelder, trumpet

Andy Bruce, trombone

Bernard Hunnekink,  trombone, tuba

Henk de Jongepiano, synthesizer

Arjen Gorter, double bass

Rob Verdurmen, percussion

The Willem Breuker Kollektief was formed in 1974, and, now that its founder has passed away 36 years later, will remain active during the years 2011 and 2012, paying homage to Willem Breuker the composer. Six of the active members of the orchestra are part of the Kollektief since the seventies. The standard formation of ten musicians has remained the same for all these years, although some projects, for instance, have called for an additional eight percussionists or eight string players. The Kollektief, one of Europe’s finest ensembles, is ready as ever to play the most diverse selection of musical styles in a highly astonishing manner.

They manage from their inception to do what no other band had done or dared do – combine jazz and ‘serious’ music with various popular (and often denigrated) genres from marching band to circus music, from latin dance steps to music for film and theatre. The result is often humorous and bewildering. They are equally at home in jazz clubs and concert halls. Most of the music is written especially for the Kollektief by Willem Breuker (with occasional pieces by other band members) and often with the talents of individual band members in mind.