Andrew Downing

Andrew Downing is a double bass player teacher, composer and Juno-Award
winning bandleader based in Toronto, Canada. His unique take on jazz and improvised
music has involved him in some of the most unique and creative projects on the
Canadian and international music scene.
He has collaborated and performed with a vast array of musicians in many genres,
including songwriter Kelly Joe Phelps, improviser Ab Baars, roots group Zubot and Dawson,
trumpeter Dave Douglas, slide guitarist David Tronzo, classical cabaret singer
Patricia O’Callaghan and clarinetist Francois Houle.
On the local scene in Toronto, he plays frequently with David Occhipinti, Marilyn
Lerner, Kevin Turcotte, Lina Allemano, Brodie West, Phile Dwyer, David Braid. He
has also performed with modern dance company Dnacemakers, and with actor Gordon