Anthony Michelli

Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and currently based in Toronto, Anthony has been involved in music since a very young age. Having played the accordion, and then alto and tenor saxophones but being driven by the ever present urge to want to play drums from the very beginning, he built his own drum set and played from ear. He attributes a strong influence to having heard classical, cultural and popular music performed by his sister and brother from the early days of his life. After realizing the importance of his interest, he decided to pursue an education in music.
Anthony is a graduate of Mohawk College, has studied at the Banff Center and the Lake Placid Center for the Arts, has a Bachelor of Music from the University of Toronto specializing in Jazz Performance and has just completed a masters degree in ethnomusicology at York University specializied in rhythm.  He is now on staff at York University and Mohawk College Jazz Studies Programs.
He is the recipient of the 2004 Mohawk College Alumni of Distinction Award and has been nominated for the prestigious Ontario Premier’s Award 2004. He has also received the 2003 Grand Prix de Jazz General Motors-Festival International de Jazz de Montreal Award (Nancy Walker Quartet) and the 1995 Jazz Report Award for National Post-Secondary School Musician of the Year.
Anthony currently leads his own groups, the Anthony Michelli Trio (Adrean Faruggia – Piano and Jon Maharaj – bass) and Anthony Michelli ‘Bass-less’ Trio (Geoff Young – Guitar and Perry White – Sax). He is also a member of the collective bands, The Anglo-Canadian Project and the Filice, Tucci, Ray, Michelli Group which is comprised of players from New York, the United Kingdom and Canada. Both Groups are due to release thier latest recordings in 2006.
Anthony continues to sustain a very active international teaching, recording and performance career supporting and collaborating with a vast number of distinguished composers and performers.