Barry Romberg’s Strictly From Prehistoric

Kirk MacDonald-Sax, Neil Swainson- Bass & Barry Romberg-Drums

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Random Access began as an outlet for my home studio experiments in 2001. (I have always has an interest in studio manipulation since the mid 80’s). I would lay down all kinds of tracks and have people come in and play on top. An interesting concept since I am basically an improvising musician so the interaction element is key! But I must admit , I AM a fan of the overdub. Must be my pop upbringing. After 3 CDs I formed a group for the CD release party for RA Part 3 in January 2005. A new band was born, and there was no turning back!
The group now has 3 incarnations:
RALE: the newest version, The Large Ensemble, a 14 piece big band, with the end result being to capture the modern sound and playfulness of the original unit utilizing the palette of the additional 8 horns.
The Band Is:
Saxophones: Kirk Macdonald, John Johnson, Kelly Jefferson, Peter Lutek
Trumpets: Kevin Turcotte, Jason Logue, Brian Okane
Trombones: William Carn, Andrew Scott, Gord Meyers
Rhythm Section: David Occhpinti, Geoff Young, Rich Brown, Barry Romberg
Special Guests: Hugh Marsh & Blair Mackay
WE just released our 1st CD and are working on some new material for the new CD hopefully by early 2009.
Random Access (the original unit): a 7 piece band featuring 2 guitars, trumpet, saxophone, bass, drums & percussion. The vision here was essentially to play free music, or at least music without any structure. Over time more structure was introduced…overall it’s more groove based than free.
Featuring: Kevin Turcotte/Kelly Jefferson/Geoff Young/David Occhipinti/Rich Brown/Blair Mackay/BR
In one form or another this band had made 4 CDs. RA part 3/no soap radio/accidental beef/big giant head
Random Access (4 piece): this band plays in a similar vain as the 7 piece group but with a little more freedom as it features sax/trumpet/bass and drums. The chordless group has always been an intriguing format to explore. This band features Kirk Macdonald/Kevin Turcotte/Rich Brown/BR.
We did a tour in the summer of 2007 which was a lot of fun and quite well received.