Brodie West Quintet

Brodie West- Sax

Tania Gill- Piano

Josh Cole- Bass

Nick Fraser- Drums

Evan Cartwright- Drums

“The Brodie West Quintet creates an elastic loop in the space/time continuum where a crew of savvy musicians can engage with West’s compositional sophistication. Bass and piano (provided by Josh Cole and Tania Gill) build a trampoline floor underneath West’s playful saxophone work, but it’s the double-drummer dynamic (from Evan Cartwright and Nick Fraser) that really drives the group. Sharing and co-deconstructing rhythmic patterns (and sometimes working meticulously independently of each other) the pair’s hypnotic in-phase/out-of-phase grooves add a bit of uncertainty, pushing everything into new realms of experimentation.” Joe Strutt, Mechanical Forest Sound