“The Brodie West Quintet creates an elastic loop in the space/time continuum where a crew of savvy musicians can engage with West’s compositional sophistication. Bass and piano (provided by Josh Cole and Tania Gill) build a trampoline floor underneath West’s playful saxophone work, but it’s the double-drummer dynamic (from Evan Cartwright and Nick Fraser) that really drives the group. Sharing and co-deconstructing rhythmic patterns (and sometimes working meticulously independently of each other) the pair’s hypnotic in-phase/out-of-phase grooves add a bit of uncertainty, pushing everything into new realms of experimentation.” Joe Strutt, Mechanical Forest Sound

“This is exciting, eventful music of the highest quality […] Defying conventional wisdom, perhaps, Brodie West’s music is complex, creative and loose.”
Andy Hamilton, Wire Magazine.

“The alto saxophonist continues to destroy the proverbial artificial walls erected in music.”
Raul Da Gama, Wholenote Magazine

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Brodie West – Sax

Tania Gill – Piano

Josh Cole – Bass

Nick Fraser – Drums

Evan Cartwright – Drums