Brooklyn’s Ikebe Shakedown

7-Piece Cinematic Soul, Afro-Funk, Deep Disco, & Boogaloo
Featuring Vince Chiarito-Bass

Nadav Niremberg-Trumpet

Ikebe Shakedown, the self-titled album from the Brooklyn-based band, plays with elements of cinematic soul, Afro-funk, deep disco, and boogaloo in all the right ways.  After spending a few years together the group, named after a favorite Nigerian boogie record (and pronounced ‘ee-KAY-bay’), delivers a driving set of tunes featuring a mighty horn section anchored by tight, deep-pocketed grooves.
Ikebe’s first full length LP and new single were released on Ubiquity Records over the summer of 2011. Recorded at Killion Sound in LA (Orgone) and at Dunham Studios in Brooklyn (run by Tom Brenneck – of the Dap Kings, Budos Band, etc) this was a follow up on debut EP and several 45s released on Colemine Records.  A track from the new album is featured in an ad for the new Mini-Coupe, currently airing on TV worldwide.  The new record has been getting some great sales/press, including larger publications such as a review on Okayplayer’s Revivalist, as well as independent blogs while gaining increased radio play, both in the US and international. While featuring members that have toured regularly with bigger acts including Charles Bradley, FELA! the musical, Lee Fields, The Duke Ellington Orchestra and Streetlight Manifesto, Ikebe Shakedown continues to play high energy shows throughout NYC and the Northeast.
Live videosIkebeShakedown Spring 2011 Tour Video
‘Sakonsa’live at Southpaw, Brooklyn
‘Don’tContradict’ live at Elbo Room, SF
‘TheViking’ live at Southpaw, Brooklyn