CD Release: Terra Hazelton Trio

Terra Hazelton — Vocals

Nathan Hiltz — Guitar

Jordan O’Connor — Bass

plus guests: Nick Teehan & Drew Jurecka

Described by some as a ‘Renaissance Woman’, multi-talented Terra Hazelton is a Canadian singer, actor, and radio personality.

Originally from B.C., Terra grew up mostly in Calgary. Terra became involved in professional theatre and comedy at the ripe age of 14, studying with Keith Johnstone (Theatresports)  and Dennis Cahill at the Internationally acclaimed Loose Moose Theatre Company.

At 20 Hazelton moved to Toronto in pursuit of a career in improv and theatre.  One night she was handed a guitar and asked to fulfill the show’s musical component by writing and performing three funny songs. Three chords later, she was on a career path she had never anticipated. Terra moved from performing silly songs in a cabaret setting to forming her own band, leaning towards being a rock chick extraordinaire. She began sitting in with the long-running Melody Ranch afternoon matinee at the Brunswick House in Toronto, where famed singer/guitarist Jeff Healey happened to hear her sing one lucky Saturday. Healey himself was moving into new musical territory after opening a night club and following his love of traditional jazz with his own Saturday matinée band, the Jazz Wizards, with whom he played trumpet as well as guitar.  He hired Terra to be the group’s permanent featured vocalist which gave her the opportunity to tour nationally and promote her debut record ‘Anybody’s Baby’ (Healeyophonic, 2004) which Healey produced himself.

For more information about Terra, please visit her website (link below).