Convergence (Canadian Tour)


Brent Mah – Sax

Alex Goodman – Guitar

Dan Fortin – Bass

Fabio Ragnelli – Drums

Convergence CD Review by Dennis Slater, published in Fast Forward Weekly (abridged):

Convergence is tight and complex, loaded with original compositions and inspired flights of improvisation. The first release from the Brent Mah/Alex Goodman Quartet showcases strong, balanced ensemble playing. The album opens with the powerful, layered ‘Momentum,’ then jumps into an interpretation of Pink Floyd’s ‘Goodbye Blue Sky’ before plunging into a flurry of original compositions. Through it all, you’d guess this group of young musicians possessed years of experience playing together, but that isn’t the case. Yet despite being founded  founded only in January 2009, this quartet is truly four guys who play as one. There’s something for everyone here: fresh original compositions and interpretations of Radiohead and Pink Floyd numbers. Each has its own character but they all have one clear voice.