Donna Grantis Electric Trio

DONNA GRANTIS picked up her brother’s acoustic guitar as a young teenager and began shredding Guns N’ Roses and Led Zeppelin songs; but the acoustic wasn’t cutting it, she wanted to emulate the soaring electric guitar solos of her heroes like Hendrix, Page, Slash and Clapton.  She made a deal with her dad to learn Stairway To Heaven in its entirety in exchange for a new axe.  It wasn’t long before she had her hands on a hot red electric.  Three years later Donna was selected as a semi-finalist in the North American wide Jimi Hendrix Electric Guitar Competition.  She was asked to perform her interpretation of ‘Red House’ to a capacity crowd including Al Hendrix (Jimi’s father) at a rock bar in Cleveland, Ohio.  This was her first public performance.


Donna Grantis – Guitar
Steve Zsirai – Bass
Roger Trevasos – Drums