Elvis Bossa Nova

Elvis Bossa Nova! began as an experiment. The idea was to re-imagine classic Elvis tunes with an eclectic instrumentation, and an interesting mix of musical personalities. They blend the rock, jazz, latin, bluegrass, country, classical and improv musical traditions. Did anyone mention it’s all Elvis?  Some of the songs are instantly recognizable, while others have the king hiding out somewhere around the corner with the rest of the surprises. On the tour of Graceland they don’t let you see the upstairs of the house. This band knows what’s up there. The result of this experiment has been a fluid, dynamic mish-mash of various musical styles. It’s new life breathed into some classic music, and above all else an exciting live show. The unique instrumentation of vibraphone, electric guitar, percussion, drums and bass provides a rich palette of places for the group to navigate.


James Robertson — Guitar

Michael Davidson — Vibes

Roman Tome — Percussion

Sly Juhas — Drums

Brian Kobayakawa — Bass