Eric Divito (New York)

Eric Divito-Guitar

Johnny Chapman-Bass

Giampaolo Scatozza-Drums

Eric DiVito is a New York City based guitarist who leads a modern and sometimes experimental Jazz trio (sometimes expanded to a quartet) whose members rotate periodically.  The eclectic group features DiVito’s original compositions as well as unique interpretations of traditional and modern Jazz standards and combines elements of Jazz, classical, rock, pop, funk and more. Often featured in music festivals, Jazz clubs in New York and Canada and other new music venues, DiVito has been reviewed in Downbeat magazine, the NYC Jazz Record, Jazz Weekly, and more. Signed by the Ontario based Pioneer Jazz Collective (PJC) record label in 2011, DiVito has released two studio albums two date.

For this 2014 summer tour, the group will feature Canadian musicians Jonny Chapman(b) and Giampaolo Scatozza(d) and will perform selections from DiVito’s first two records Breaking the Ice (2012) and The Second Time Around (2013) as well as traditional and modern Jazz standards.