Ernie Tollar

ERNIE TOLLAR Reeds & flutes, Composition Performing from Cairo to Kapuskasing, Ernie looks for connections in world cultures. Jazz collaborators include Dave Restivo, Shelly Berger, Holly Cole, NOJO, Kenny Wheeler, Joe Lovano, Don Thompson, David Piltch, Yvette Tollar, Hugh Marsh and Don Byron. World musics credits include performances with Trichy’s Trio, Greek/Arabic ensembles Maza Meza Meze and Doula, Indo-Jazz group Tasa, Altin Yildiz Gypsy Orkestar, Lenka Lichtenberg, Rick Shadrach Lazar and Spare Parts. Ernie has studied South Indian classical music with mrdangam virtuoso Trichy Sankaran and N. Ramani Flute, Arabic music with George Sawa, Alfred Gamil, Ibrahim Kawalla.