Free Boat Rentals

Steve Ward (trombonist, sometime-sideman for Caribou) leads this composer-collective of Toronto musicians down an abstract path of sounds, agile textures and above all, groove. The quartet puts focus on expanding influences taken from indie rock circles (drummer Dan Gaucher is famed as a member of Vancouver’s Fond Of Tigers), from their work on the three-legged/circus/latin groove of ‘Big Show’ (written by bassist and Don Thompson-pupil Jim Sexton); and especially taking from the character of Toronto’s underground jazz venues (as simultaneous residents at the inviting jazz hangout Tequila Bookworm; as well as the improv-focused, creative music loft space Somewhere There). Their debut self-titled CD out in May 2010 is a commitment to the adventure in this evolving sound, and to their unique musical relationships with each other and with the audience.


Steve Ward — Trombone

Steve Gooch — Trumpet

Jim Sexton — Bass

Dan Gaucher — Drums