Gene Pool Boys

Inspired by the Soul-Jazz sound of the 1950’s-60’s Bluenote era, drummer Adam David leads the swingin’ blues-y quartet with Toronto jazz / studio veterans Chris Robinson, Anthony  Panacci and Henry Heillig.  Noted sideman (Ray Charles, Tommy Newsom, Jimmy Rowles, Darlene Love, Vince Gill, Charles Brown), teacher and actor Adam co-founded the band in 2004 with Chris and Henry.  Serendipitously, a house gig at Toronto’s Beer Bistro was soon offered.  Well into their 6th year, a veritable ‘gene pool’ of stellar players have continued to rotate through the lineup, leading to the recording and 2007 release of their debut album ‘A Child is Born’.


Chris Robinson — Saxophone

Anthony Panacci — Keyboards

Henry Heillig — Bass

Adam David — Drums