Germany/NewYork’s MAREIKA WEINING Quintet

Brooklyn-based award winning German drummer Mareike Wiening is leading her own Quintet including Rich Perry, Alex Goodman, Fabian Almazan and Johannes Felscher. Her music was already performed at the Carnegie Hall NYC as well as in concert halls in Germany, Switzerland, US, Denmark, Estonia and Brazil.

Mareike continues the journey with her Quintet and will present her music at the cell for the very first time.

Her compositions are emotional, rhythmical and most importantly, always lyrical. She will record her second album as a bandleader and composer in June 2018.

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Mareike studied Jazz Performance in Mannheim (Germany), Copenhagen (Denmark) and, after receiving a 2-year full scholarship from the German government, she graduated from New York University in 2014. She’s actively been part of the New York jazz scene for the past 6 years.

“Thoroughly modern, progressive jazz, Mareike Wiening’s music has many layers that unfold with each repeated hearing. The band as a unit is superb, with each soloist’s voice clearly speaking, obviously inspired by the compositions, the arrangements and how the other players sound behind them.” (- All About Jazz) (Source:

 New York Times “Critics Pick Of the Week”

Click Here for Promo Video – Rex Performance