Harley Card

Harley Card- guitar
Chris Banks- bass
Ethan Ardelli- drums

Harley Card is a Toronto based guitarist and composer, originally from Winnipeg
Manitoba. In addition to leading his own groups, Harley is a member of the eclectic
Canadian bands; Hobson’s Choice, Sunset Ensemble, Stoptime, God’s Gift To Yoda,
and Dream Logic.

The Harley Card Quintet have completed three Canadian tours centred around their
albums; “Hedgerow” and “The Greatest Invention.” “The Greatest Invention” has
garnered rave reviews since it’s international release in January, 2018.
As a contributor to the music scene in Toronto since 2003, Harley has played with many of the leading creative musicians in Canada.

“Card’s musical sensibility is fully formed and urbane. His writing reflects a sense of
history and is therefore worldly wise.”
-Raul d’Gama Rose- All About Jazz

A graduate of Applied Music from Mohawk College and Jazz Performance from the
University of Toronto; Harley was also a semi finalist in the 2008 Montreux Jazz Festival Guitar Competition.

During the winter of 2014 Card was an Artist In Residence at The Banff Centre. Card spent the summer of 2017 in New York City to study with Peter Bernstein. Harley is currently on faculty at The University Of Toronto’s jazz program.