Harley Card

Harley Card is a a Toronto based, guitarist and composer. Harley recently played at the 2008 Montreux Jazz Festival as a semi finalist in the prestigious Gibson, Montreux Jazz Festival Guitar Competition. Harley plays from time to time at the Rex with; ‘God’s Gift to Yoda’ and with his own group; ‘The Harley Card Quartet’. Harley released his debut album; ‘Non-Fiction’ in 2008. More recently, the Quartet has been joined by a series of guest saxophonists including; David French, Luis Deniz, Trevor Hogg, Chris Willes, and Colin Power.

 ‘Card’s musical sensibility is fully formed and urbane. His writing reflects a sense of history and is therefore worldly wise.’ – Raul d’Gama Rose- All About Jazz
‘Beautiful and  intense compositions, executed beautifully.’;  – Andrew Downing
‘ Refreshing new compositions with skilled arrangements make this a recording of high quality. Well done to all.’ – John Reid – Keith Community Radio 102.8 FM,;  Keith Banffshire, Scotland