Homeless – Blues


Mr. J Vazquez- guitars, keyboards, lead & backing vocals
Vivian ‘Queen V’ Vazquez – percussion, lead & backing vocals
Joshua Cohen- bass guitar, lead & backing vocals
Rich Da Silva- drums
Kristjan Bergey- saxophones & flute
Klaus Anselm- trumpet & flugelhorn
Justin Williams- trombone
Robert Bergey- keyboards Blending their native latin influences with the classic sounds of soul and R&B, The Homeless deliver a relentlessly scintillating show each time they take the stage.  Hijacking audiences’ inhibitions long enough to see them ravage the dance floor, they are joined by their fans as they tell their tale of a band thought only to exist in legend.
In 2001, in their native Mexico, Jay Vazquez and his future wife Vivian found themselves at similar crossroads.  Both had been walking the practiced walk of a working musician for several years, and were clinging to memories of childhood fantasies.  Growing up, both had been immersed into their fathers’ lives as working musicians.  This, coupled with their considerable formal training, brought them to the top of the working world in Mexico, where they met in the house band for a daily television show.  In each other’s eyes they saw the suddenly rekindled flame of forgotten dreams.  It was time to act.
The first incarnation of their band, Blue Anima, reached great heights in Mexico by 2006, playing festivals, events, and clubs to voracious fans in tremendous numbers.  But for true growth, they knew they needed to take a much bigger risk.
That summer, armed only with their instruments, they made the long journey to Canada.  Hope in their hearts spurred them on, but daily realities would whisper doubts. Without the usual support of friends, family, or fans, they began giving away CDs on the street to encourage venues to hire them.  They truly felt ‘Homeless’, and named their newest act accordingly.  Once Toronto heard their sound, they suddenly found themselves onstage regularly, the rumours of their name blazing through the city like wildfire.
It wasn’t long before they caught the attention of Toronto bassist and multi-instrumentalist, Josh Cohen.  Amazed by the band’s wide diversity of music including both original music and classic covers of many styles – latin, blues, R&B, soul, and classic rock – Josh made it is first priority to audition.  Schooled at Toronto’s prestigious Humber College Music program, Josh had no trouble finding like-minded enthusiastic musicians to help round out the band, recruiting Josh Patrick (drums), Kristjan Bergey (sax, flute), Klaus Anselm (trumpet) and Justin Williams (trombone).
Now in its full 7-piece form, The Homeless has been tirelessly gracing the stages of festivals (Orangeville, Southside Shuffle, Mexican Festival), radio (CBC, CKRL, CFFF), television (TV Azteca, TV 34, Channel 22) and bars and clubs everywhere from Kingston to Niagara-on-the-Lake.  Jay and Vivian, with the support of an explosive band, are finally able to unleash the musical manifestation of their passion in its full form, leaving a trail of ravenous fans in their wake as they etch their sound across the landscape.
‘If there’s a place where Soul, R&B and Latin meet and create a unique sound that will turn you upside down, that is every stage taken over by The Homeless’.
-Toronto Hispano Magazine (May 2007 issue)