Jake Chisholm Group

Jake Chisholm- Vocals/ Guitar

Chris Banks- Bass

Chris Lamont- Drums

There is a drive and simple sincerity behind the sculpted Sonics of Jake Chisholm’s songs. His guitar’s plaintive response to his deep voice carries a bit of a haunting sound. Rock’n Roll with a heartbeat and some deep roots. Although the stories aren’t radically different from anything else we’ve ever heard, they are invitingly human uniquely his. His most recent recording at The Rogue Studios, which was produced by Jake and Engineered by Jameson Elliott, brings across a combination of creative songwriting, passionate image inducing content, and youthful energy that infuses his music with intensity and honesty. Jake’s songs take well-rounded shape letting the listener escape in every corner. Jake had an excellent start in his music career. He had peer support, formal education and played with some of Toronto’s most seasoned musicians. In the mid 90’s Jake formed The Blue Midnights, who quickly became a popular draw in the live clubs and festivals. The bands long running residence on the Queen Street bar circuit, in Toronto helped to establish Jake as a dynamic and well-respected vocalist/guitar player. This lead to a busy sideman stint backing many Toronto based arts like, Erica Werry, Julian Fauth and Emily Weedon, Raoul banasia and Adam Faux. His experience undoubtedly galvanized his musical character and direct approach. A few years ago, he began to get very serious about songwriting and is actively gaining a strong creative reputation. Songwriters are among those who have the balls to be themselves, speak the truth about their experiences, no matter who’s listening. They always play and sing from the place in themselves where musical expression moves any listener. Jake Chisholm’s music is brimming with this tradition.