Jay Burr’s Tuba 4

Jay Burr-Tuba

Bruce Tournay-Piano

Danny Lockwood-Drums 

As a one-of-a-kind tuba player, Jay has defined a new sound and standard for brass bass. His individuality on the instrument redefines what a tuba is on jazz bass, how it sounds in the bass chair, and what it can provide in various musical contexts and situations.

Jay has spent decades refining his craft, and he moved back to Ontario in 2005. Since, he has re-established himself in the southern Ontario music scene, and recently completed an MA in Jazz Composition at York University.

The tuba is a rare instrument in jazz, and is rarely employed outside of traditional roles when in the bass chair. It is not often seen or heard in jazz circles, but one thing is guaranteed: you will never hear another tuba player that plays or sounds like him.

Jay has recorded with Mike Downes, K.C. Roberts and the Live Revolution, Zubot and Dawson, Veda Hille, John Millard and Happy Day, and has performed with artists from Taj Mahal to Jane Siberry. He has composed music for film, TV and video, owns and operates PlugHead Productions recording studio, and the trio, Tuba4 is currently completing their 2nd album, to be released this summer.