Jim Gelcer Trio

Jim Gelcer (drums, vocals) has been called ‘a hidden jewel in the Canadian jazz landscape.’ He is at home in an eclectic range of genres, from jazz and rock to klezmer and kirtan. He has worked with Lorne Lofsky, Reg Schwager, Paul Hoffert, Russ Little, Terry Clarke, Pat LaBarbara, Guido Basso, Steve Wallace, Dave Young, John Sherwood, Nancy Walker, Richard Underhill, George Koller, and has toured with acts as diverse as Lee Aaron and the Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band. Jim is also an accomplished composer, with numerous credits in television and film. His voice has been described as sounding ‘like Chet Baker with edge’.


-John Sherwood (piano)

-Paul Novotny (bass)

-Jim Gelcer (drums and vocals)