Juno Award Winners: John MacLeod’s Rex Hotel Orchestra

John MacLeod’s credentials as a trumpeter/composer/arranger have been firmly established, with a distinguished career spanning almost thirty years on the Canadian music scene. He has worked with Toronto’s most elite musicians and musical organizations in both the jazz and commercial music fields.

In 2003 John formed his own large jazz ensemble, the 20-piece Rex Hotel Orchestra (named after the club where it performs the last Monday of each month).  We are honoured to be the home base of what is now Canada’s finest Big Band Jazz Orchestra.

Personnel:  Rick Wilkins, Perry White, Johnny Johnson, Andy Ballantyne & Bob Leonard (Saxophones), Al Kay, Terry Promane, Rob Sommerville & Colin Murray (Trombones), Brian O’Kane, Steve McDade, Jason Logue & Steve Crowe (Trumpets), James MacDonald & Janet Anderson (French Horns), Joey Goldstein (Guitar), David Braid (Piano), Jim Vivian (Bass), Ted Warren (Drums) & John MacLeod (Trumpet/Flugelhorn/Arrangements).