Lowell Whitty

Lowell Whitty is an active performing musician from the lower eastside of Toronto. A graduate of Humber College’s Contemporary Music program, he is an innovative drummer who takes a creative and musical oriented approach to the drums. He has been regularly performing at many venues in Toronto such as The Rex Jazz and Blues Bar, The Drake Hotel, The Left Over Daylight series, The Dominion on Queen, Grossman’s Tavern, Tequila Bookworm as well as many other locations through out the city. He has travelled to New Orleans to perform in the French Quarter Festival. He’s been recorded at the FAME studios, home of the Muscle Shoals sound, and have toured the east coast of Canada and down south in Cuba, where he recorded in EGREM studios. He has also toured Europe performing at jazz festivals such as Swing in Pic in Mortegliano, Italy and in Switzerland at Jazz Ascona and Davos Sounds Good Jazz Festivals. Over the past few year years Lowell has had the fortune to study aspects of improvising with Jim Black, Andrew D’Angelo, Himlar Jensson, Nick Fraser, Marc Ribot, Trevor Dunn and Dave Douglas in a private lesson or a clinic setting.