Mark Rynkun’s Morta (CD Release)

Kyle Woodard-Sax, PatrickO’Reilly-G, Stacey Yerofeyeva-Keys, Mark Rynkun-B, & George Nikolov-D 

Set out to explore moods and textures in their music, Morta fuses the old and the new by altering the sound of traditional jazz instruments with the use of synthesizers, ambient guitar tones, distorted bass, electric wind instruments, acoustic and electronic drums.

Formed in 2011 in Toronto, Ontario, the band started its journey by covering compositions from such influential artists as Herbie Hancock, Chris Tarry, Hiromi, Bob Reynolds, Dave Weckl, and Brian Blade. They soon began to develop their own sound through composition and use of sound effects, defining themselves as a truly original jazz-rock-electronic group.

The band released its debut EP ‘High’ in August of 2012. They will be celebrating the launch of their debut album ‘Morta’ on April 8th 2014 at Manhattan’s in Guelph, and April 15th 2014 at the Rex Jazz Bar in Toronto. The full-length record will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp on April 15th 2014.

Morta consists of bandleader/composer Mark Rynkun on electric bass, Stacey Yerofeyeva on keyboards, Patrick O’Reilly on guitars, George Nikolov on drums, and Kyle Woodard on saxophone.