MICHAEL DUNSTON’s Donny Hathaway Tribute

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In our world of “flash-in-the-pan” singers and “here today, gone tomorrow” pop stars, it is a deserved treat to hear a beautiful tune rendered soulfully and with an authentic depth of emotion that only a seasoned artist like Michael Dunston can bring. While we feel that Dunston’s music speaks for itself, there is clearly more to his story. “Michael is someone who channels the whole history of male R&B vocals when he sings,” elaborates Andrew Scott. “This is someone who can light up a room like almost no other performer. I’ve seen him energize a crowd in the thousands with his enormous talent and boundless energy.” – TD Toronto Jazz Festival – Torontojazz.com

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Front Section  – Closest to stage, best sight-lines
Middle Section – Good views of stage, Tall and Bar Tables & Seating
Upper Back Section – Further from stage, (some seats partially obstructed view).
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Michael Dunston – Vocals

Kevin Turcotte – Trumpet

Bernie Senensky – Piano

Dave Young – Bass

David Direnzo – Drums