Montreal’s Buckaloose with NY’s Randy Brecker

On Friday, May 6th at 9:45pm, Montreal’s Buckaloose will be joined by special guest trumpet from N.Y.C. Randy Brecker!! This news was first announced on our Twitter feed (@RexHotelToronto).

Randy Brecker bio:

Randy Brecker has been shaping the sound of Jazz, R&B and Rock for more than four decades. His trumpet and flugelhorn performances have graced hundreds of albums by a wide range of artists from James Taylor, Bruce Springsteen and Parliament-Funkadelic to Frank Sinatra, Steely Dan, David Sanborn, Jaco Pastorius, Horace Silver and Frank Zappa.

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Buckaloose bio:

Since meeting in 2003, Vanessa Rodrigues (Montreal) and Chris Gale (Toronto) have been collaborating, recording and touring across Canada. With the addition of Mike Rud (Montreal) and Davide DiRenzo (Toronto), a serious collective was formed with a live CD being the product of their intense musical bond (Gale/Rodrigues Group Live at the Rex – CGVR01; 2007). You are now holding in your hands, or perhaps viewing on your screen, the next chapter of this group’s continuing creative efforts.

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