Mr. Rick & The Biscuits

Mr. Rick was born and raised in Michigan in the 1950’s. He grew up listening to the great sounds available on late night radio. Country, Western Swing, Blues, Gospel, Folk and Tin Pan Alley. Along with the family’s Victorola and collection of Vintage 78’s he was surrounded by the great music we have come to know as Americana. As a youth in the 60’s in Detroit he was fortunate enough to learn guitar, and performance first hand from many performers who are now considered icons. Soon he was traveling throughout the United States armed with this considerable musical knowledge and the desire to entertain people. After a number of years he met and befriended Luther Wheatstraw in Beebeetown Iowa. Mr. Rick soon convinced Luther to leave the family hog farm and go on the road with him. Luther who doubled as a licensed BBQ technician and investment banker took the offer, and the two men hit the road seeking gigs. Eventually they headed north to Canada. In the Ottawa Valley they met Josephus Burns in a trailer park. He was a marvelous bass player and fine drinker, but again Mr. Rick had to do some sweet talking to convince Josephus to leave his post as a bible teacher. He did and the rest is history. The three men based out of Toronto, Canada continue to play music and entertain folks everywhere they go.

Mr. Rick — Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, MandoGuitar

Luther Wheatstraw — Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals

Josephus Burns — Bass, Vocals