Mystery, Secrets and Eden: A mosaic of Israeli Film at TIFF

Israel’s Innovative Filmmakers TouchDown on Canadian Soil

“Mystery,Secrets and Eden: A mosaic of Israeli Film at TIFF”

TORONTO – The ConsulateGeneral of Israel in Toronto and Size Doesn’t Matter will be co-hosting a paneldiscussion, “Mystery, Secrets and Eden: A mosaic of Israeli Film atTIFF“, to honour the three Israeli films in this year’s TorontoInternational Film Festival. It will feature an opportunity to hear from thepeople behind the screen – directors, programmers and funders of Israelicinema. Moderated by Jane Schoettle, TIFF International Programmer, the Q&Aevent will feature Directors Yuval Adler (Bethlehem) and Yossi Madmony (APlace in Heaven), Writer Ali Waked (Bethlehem) as well as Katriel Schory, head of the Israel Film Fund.

If you’re not able to attend in person you can join infrom across the country, or even world, on Twitter by following hashtag #ReelIsrael. Size Doesn’t Matter will be livetweeting from @SDoesntMatter, with highlights from @Jane_TIFF, @TIFF_net, our hosts @RexHotelToronto and other industry celebs still to be announced. From now until the 9th,tweet your #ReelIsrael questions and the panel will be sure to answer them.

Event Details:

Location: The Rex HotelJazz and Blues Bar – 194 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1Z1, Canada

Time:  4-5 PM

FREE, open to public

Hashtag: #ReelIsrael

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Three Israeli films are featured in the 2013 Toronto InternationalFilm Festival-Bethlehem, The Wonders and A Place in Heaven.All three films this year are having their North American premieres after muchacclaim-Bethlehem is nominated for 12 Ophir awards- and even emergingIsraeli filmmakers have found a spot at TIFF with Rafael Balulu’s short film MyName is Solomon Hagos in the top five finalists for the 2013 RBC EmergingFilmmakers Competition.

The three feature films officially make it 42 Israeli films thathave screened at TIFF since 2000. This huge Israeli presence on Canadian soilreflects the growth of the Israeli film industry over the last 13 years. About12 to 16 new Israeli feature films are released annually, generating bothdomestic box office appeal and international critical success, including bestforeign language film Oscar nominations for Footnote in 2011 and Waltzwith Bashir in 2008. Many Israeli films have won prizes in Cannes, Berlin,Venice and Toronto, while the film The Debt staring Helen Mirren and theTV series Homeland and In Treatment are all Hollywood remakes ofIsraeli productions.

Canada and Israel’s relationship through film goes back to theco-production treaty signed by both countries in 1985 but has grown immenselyover the past decade. In 2009 TIFF’s City to City spotlight was inaugurated andfeatured Tel Aviv as its first city. City to City was established as a way todelve into urban locales around the world where innovative new filmmaking ishappening and Tel Aviv was chosen as its first city because ‘The filmmakersthere were doing really strong work that would reflect some of the complexityof the situation on the ground, where they live,’ said TIFF co-director CameronBailey in 2009.

Building on the success of that focus, a delegation of Canadianproducers, coordinated and facilitated by the Harold Greenberg Fund, has attendedthe annual Jerusalem Film Festival for the past three years and then heldfollow-up discussions at TIFF each September. These exchanges have led toprojects such asthe development of the film Via Dolorosa, written anddeveloped by an Israeli Company and which recently signed an agreement withCanadian producer Marty Katz, the producer of David Cronenberg’s films andChair of the Canadian Academy;  the film The1000 Yard Stare, which is based around a Canadian character’sinvolvement in the Yom Kippur War, is in the early development stages;Israeli animation company Snowball Studios has recently opened anoffice in Toronto; and the film Inch’Allah, released in 2012, is aCanadian film produced by Oscar nominated producers from Montreal and was shotin Israel.

The Israeli Consulate General here in Toronto is delighted to havesuch talented filmmakers representing Israel in Canada.

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