N.Y.’s Zach Brock

Born in Lexington, KY in 1974, Zach Brock grew up in a family of musicians and was performing publicly by the age of six. He became serious about jazz while in high school and moved to Chicago to continue his classical studies with the ulterior motive of participating in the city’s jazz scene. As a sophomore in college, Brock was in a serious car accident that sidelined him for three years. By the time he was able to finish his degree, Brock had already launched headlong into his professional career.  In 2005 The Coffee Achievers, Brock’s first quartet, made their Carnegie Hall debut at the invitation of trumpeter and composer Dave Douglas. Six months later they played at the Ouro Preto Jazz Festival in Brazil. Zach moved to New York a few months later and the second chapter of his early career began.



Zach Brock — Violin

Matt Wigton —  Bass

Fred Kennedy — Drums