Nick Lavkulik’s GYMNOPED

In just his first year out of high school, Nick Lavkulik earned The New Voices Composer in Residency chair for Spectrum Music’s Early Expressions Concert. Inspired by an image of prehistoric handprint cave art seen as symbolic for the most vulnerable portrayal of self expression, Nick composed his piano quintet “Handprints.” The premier of “Handprints” was performed by Florian Hoefner with the Ton Beau String Quartet, alongside David Braid performed his internationally toured piano quintet “Chauvet.” The concert also included works by Ben Dietschi, Caitlin Smith and Daniel Jamieson – Nick’s advising Spectrum composer. The Spectrum Residency acted as the catalyst for a formal introduction into chamber music. This foray connecting as well as challenging a prior conception of music, has led to Nicholas pursuing new musical avenues.

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Nick Lavkulik – Guitar

Patrick O’Reilly – Guitar

Jacob Thompson – Keyboards

Ian Wright – Drums