Nick Teehan Group

Nick Teehan-Voc/Sax

2012 is a landmark year for Nick Teehan, marking his second recording and debut full-length album, There is Not a Snake. A natural singer with a clear, lazy baritone – equal parts Tom Waits and Frank Sinatra – Nick Teehan is a unique voice, his songs fresh, energetic and unpredictable; his lyrics imaginative, irreverent and arrestingly insightful.

Growing up in suburban Oshawa, Nick felt most free after dark, whether he was watching rented Charleton Heston movies, wandering the city’s forest paths, or trekking south to yell and throw rocks at the 4:00 a.m. train.  His teenage afternoons were spent pushing carts at the local grocery store and cruising his rusty old bike across town on the sidewalk.  His first recording, 2010’s Sidewalk Friend, showcases the first stories Nick wrote upon moving to Toronto. His self-title band, a hodge-podge mixture of electric, brass, woodwind and percussion, has since expanded into an outfit equal parts vaudevillian spectacle and tuneful indie-pop.

Nick’s current record, There is Not a Snake is a meditation on the supposed end of our world. It’s mornful stories about the man at the bottom of the sea, the false love of the portuguese dress-store mannequin, and the broken church on westmoreland avenue are spelled by more bizarre songs, featuring a shrine built from Tina Turner’s post-Thunderdome skull. Built by chimpanzees.