Nuf Said (New York)

Ioana Vintu – vocals

Andrew Gould – alto saxophone

Matthias Loescher – guitar

DJ Guinyard – bass

Peter Kronreif – drums

Based inNew York City, NUF SAID has been bringing its unique musical recipe on tour toaudiences around the world. Starting out in 2011 as a bunch of freelancemusicians/friends coming from Romania, Austria and NYC, who wrote music andjammed together.  NUF SAID has since beenfeatured on concerts, festivals, TV, and radio stations throughout the U.S.A,Europe, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

The musicof NUF SAID is neither jazz nor funk nor soul nor rock. It’s all of it andmore. This New York-based quintet taps into each of those styles and mixes themall together to create a groove-heavy, stirring brand of music that’s all itsown.

There maybe a rhythm-centered aesthetic here, but you can’t pin down the deliciouslyomnidirectional approach of NUF SAID. There’s is a sound that abounds withmany musical flavors and scents. – Album RISE
Dan Bilawsky, –All About Jazz