One Big Song

Ernie Tollar – Winds

Paul Fitterer – Drums

Wes Neal – Bass

Mario Potestio – Guitars

The “One Big Song Group” formerly known as “New and Used” is an eclectic Jazz ensemble that has been in existence most actively, for the past four years, (2009-13) performing and recording locally in Toronto, Ontario.

The group is spearheaded by Ernie Tollar, (winds, keyboards, composition) and Paul Fitterer, (drums, composition) who both met in the mid-1980s to form the innovative, World-Jazz  group “Space Trio” (toured Canada extensively, pre-internet, with four indie-jazz releases)

The current group is a continuation of our shared historical aesthetic, and spirit of co-creation (also featuring stablemates Wes Neal on bass, and Mario Potestio on guitar)

Our interests, and influences, (world, ecm-euro, middle-eastern, ambient, be-bop, south asian) are clearly showcased in our original compositions.

All of us are mature forward thinking creative jazz artists with extensive experience in many creative settings.

This past December 2012, we completed our first, full length, continuous self titled CD, ‘One Big Song’.

We are currently looking outward through all mediums to promote, perform, and tour our music.