Overs’ Eleven

Kieran Overs – acoustic and electric bass

Nancy Walker – keyboards

Ethan Ardelli – drums

Ted Quinlan – guitar

Alex Dean – bass clarinet, tenor sax and flute

Pat LaBarbera – tenor and soprano sax and alto flute

Kelly Jefferson – bass clarinet, tenor and soprano sax

Brian O’Kane – trumpet and flugelhorn

Bruce Cassidy – trumpet, flugelhorn and EVI

William Carn – trombone

PJ Andersson – trombone

We are celebrating our own 4/20 on this ‘4/20’ night.  The first gig for the (then) Octet took place 20 years ago in November of 1993 at the Senator and since then there has been 4 incarnations of the band from 8 to 9 to 10 and now to 11 band members.  We will be playing some of the original material re-worked for 11 pieces as well as some new material.  Hope you can join us.