Montreal’s Alain Bedard JAZZLAB ORCHESTRA


The Jazzlab Orchestra Montreal, a flagship of Quebec jazz, is first and foremost the triumph of a vision: that of an ensemble that has become a crossroads of exchange, a convergence of distinct looks in the spectrum of a unique formation. able to tame all the approaches in a path of high flight, fruit of a collective work of a rare coherence.

JLOM is defined as a specific group in the world of Canadian jazz. Usually made up of 8 leading musicians, it has often gone from 8 to 12 to 22 musicians depending on the project. The JLOM explores musical writing in different styles, each time supported by outstanding composers and musicians. Always keen on originality, always attached to make gravitate a core of amazing artists, the JLOM elaborates with inspiration each project since its creation in 2003. “A particular musical perspective of the contemporary jazz” according to Alain Brunet, of the Press.

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Quebec’s Benjamin Deschamps – Sax

Alex Francour – Sax

Jean Francois Ouellet – Sax

Jacques Kuba Seguin – Trumpet

Thomas Morelli-Bernard – Trombone

Felix Stussi – Piano

Alain Bedard – Bass

Michel Lambert – Drums