Rebecca Henessy’s FOG

Rebecca Henessy- Trumpet

Jay Burr- Tuba

Tom Richards- Trombone

Tania Gill- Piano

Don Scott- Guitar

Nico Dann- Drums

“Rebecca Hennessy’s FOG Brass Band, is a New Orleans inspired brass band party with the intricacies of a modern jazz group. This band features the brassy fun-times frontline of tuba (Jay Burr), trombone (Tom Richards) and trumpet (Rebecca Hennessy), that will have toes tapping and bodies grooving alongside energetic electric guitar (Don Scott), rich piano harmonies (Tania Gill) and deep drum beats (Nico Dann) that will take one through sounds inspired by funky blues, old country, Balkan folk tunes and high-energy jazz-rock grooves.  Rebecca, formed FOG Brass Band in 2014, shortly after spending seven months on a creative residency in NYC. Since then, FOG has been performing and recording regularly and in 2016 was nominated as a finalist for the TD Grand Prix De Jazz at the Montreal Jazz Festival and was also nominated for TD Halifax Jazz Festival Singray Rising Star Award.”