Samir Zarif

There is much to be said about those who choose their own ways of musical discovery with an initiative on making the impossible possible. It is SAMIR ZARIF’s shear determination to breakthrough the music scene with a fresh, new approach to the timely traditions of jazz music. SAMIR ZARIF, tenor and soprano saxophonist is now striving to develop the path of becoming his own ‘treasure of a nation.’ With an extensive repertoire of original music and a developing musical following, Samir is well on his way to becoming more and more of a renowned figure in the jazz community and beyond. SAMIR ZARIF was born and raised in Houston, Texas. His love for creating and composing music started at a very young age; learning how to play the piano and violin at age 4 years-old and writing his first compositions at the age of 6 years-old. Later Zarif began studies on the saxophone at the age of 10. The foundation of his musical influences started at home, growing up with a mother (Linda Zarif), a classical pianist and choral director to his sister (Tahirah Whittington) who is currently a Grammy Award Nominated Cellist. SAMIR ZARIF first broke through the jazz scene in New Orleans around 2001 with his unreleased debut CD ‘First Encouter’ (tracks available on this site!)and quickly began performing and recording with many world-renown musicians and artists such as Jason Marsalis and Aaron Neville. During his time in New Orleans, Zarif had been featured on several recordings such as Jill Scott’s ‘Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds Vol.2’ and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra’s debut CD ‘Strange Fruit.’ Four years later, in August 2004, SAMIR ZARIF moved to New York, where he is currently living in the Brooklyn area. Shortly after his arrival to New York, Samir became a Fresh Sounds New Talent recording artist alongside The Paislies, a former band of Samir Zarif’s that frequently toured both the United States and Europe. However, currently Zarif is now performing around the United States as well as Canada and Europe with his group ‘The Story’ (Lars Dietrich, Greg Ritchie, John Estreet, and Zack Lober) as well as with Austrian vocalist and composer Maria Neckam.