Sara Dell

Sara Dell, vocals/piano

One can’t help but want to sing along to songs asplayful and refreshing as Sara Dell’s. The substance of her music ringsof John Mayer and Sheryl Crow, marrying hopeful yet sober lyrics withirresistibly catchy melodies.

Behindthe music is a diversely talented young woman who plays, sings, writes,co-arranges and records the music from the ground up. Having begun herstudy of piano in early childhood, Sara started singing and performingin her teens and has made a living as a musician since then. Shenaturally gravitated toward writing pop/rock music at an early age,inspired by everything from the Beatles to the Police to Carole King toPeter Gabriel, and has independently cut three EPs in the past fouryears.

Sara is basedout of Toronto where, along with performing regularly both solo andwith bands, she writes, records and collaborates with other songwriters.