Shannon Graham & The Storytellers

Shannon Graham is a saxophonist/violist/composer who is introducing her personal and inventive musical voice to the Toronto music scene. She is debuting a new project that features her ambitious original compositions that bridge the realms of improvised and through-composed music, merging the styles of large jazzensemble with modern chamber music. With an eclectic instrumentation of strings, saxophone, brass, voice, and jazz rhythm section, her pieces are constantly reaching for new textures, ranges of emotion, and musical surprises to provoke and delight the listener. Shannon is an interactive and emotional player whose passion runs through her band and infects the audience as well. Her compositions are often programmatic in nature, telling stories and reflections of human experience to communicate and connect people through music. ‘In today’s world, I think people just want to feel- feel alive and human, and I strive to achieve this through the music I write.’

Performers: Shannon Graham (sax, viola, voice), Kelly Lafaive (violin), Aline Homzy (violin), Tom Fleming (guitar), Chris Pruden (piano), Matt Fong (bass), Evan Cartwright (drums)