Shrimp Daddy Reid (Blues)

Michael ‘Shrimp Daddy’ Reid is a journeyman harp player and front man who originally hails from Montreal. Michael moved to Toronto in 1999 and currently resides in Milton. In 2001 Michael heard amplified blues harmonica live for the first time was instantly hooked. For his 2001 New Years resolution Michael promised himself to learn to play blues harp. Over the next two years he focused on learning his instrument prior to focusing on developing his skills as a dynamic and highly entertaining front man. For a guy who took but a few lesson from harmonica legends Michael Pickett and Carlos del Junco, Michael rapidly developed into a driving force in vocalizing, interpreting and writing Chicago and West Coast jump and swing blues.

Michael is currently performing with some of the GTA’s finest roots musicians. In 2009 Shrimp knew it was time to record his own material and sought out one of Canada’s finest young multi-award winning bluesmen, Steve Marriner of Monkey Junk fame to produce it. By combining Guitarist Mike Branton with Steve and band mate Matt Sobb from Monkey Junk, Michael knew straight away that he had a winning combo. Shrimp knew that getting Steve on board would allow him to make the finest CD possible while bringing Branton in on it was the clincher to make the sound truly Michael’s own. The result was Shrimp Daddy’s seminal recording, ‘Messin’ With My System’. Inspired in equal measure by the sounds of Little Walter and William Clarke, ‘Messin’ With My System’ is a must have for any blues aficionado’s library. Shrimp’s powerful baritone voice, rich harp tone and tasty phrasing will carry the listener through tunes filled with both irony and good humour. And, as for the next gig and where the Daddy’s career will take him next Michael says, ‘Anywhere and everywhere it takes me, I ain’t fightin it!’