Sisters of Sheynville

Hannukah Celebration
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Lenka Lichtenberg: vocals
Isabel Fryszberg: vocals
Fern Lindzon: piano, vocals
Rachel Melas: string bass
Kinneret Sagee: clarinet
Lorie Wolf: drums
The Sisters of Sheynville is a high-energy, all-female sextet that brings
to life Yiddish swing, klezmer and roots music; inspired by the Barry Sisters
of the 1930s-40s old time radio era. The band’s original music and arrangements
of both traditional and jazz material combine serious musicianship, complexity
and intricate musical thought with a fun approach to performance.
The Sisters is the brainchild of Isabel Fryszberg, and Lenka Lichtenberg two
talented vocalists who while from separate sides of the Atlantic share the
Eastern European Jewish family experience and a driving passion for their
music. Lenka and Isabel began working together by honing the warm and rich
harmony stylings of the Barry Sisters, aka Claire and Merna Bagelman who
recorded and performed extensively from the 1930s to 1960s. The next step
was adding material from the same era with a different slant; pieces ranging
from the country blues of the Delmore Brothers to a Czech theatre classic.
Their original songs, in stunning three-part harmonies, are beginning to
appear more frequently in their growing repertoire.
In just a year the Sisters have performed at the Distillery Jazz and Roots
festivals; at intimate jazz and blues venues such as the famous Rex Hotel
and Jazz Bar, Lula Lounge, The Trane Studio, the Free Times Cafe and the
popular Gladstone Hotel; and in larger theatre halls like The Toronto
Performing Arts Centre, Al Green Theatre and Leah Posluns Theatre.