Soul Understated (St. Louis)

Billing: Soul Understated ft. Mavis ‘SWAN’ Poole

Mavis ‘SWAN’ Poole – Lead Vocals

Jeremy ‘BEAN’ Clemons – Drums

Rashaan Carter – Bass

Jon Thomas – Piano/Rhodes

Shelton Garner – Guitar

Al Strong – Trumpet

Soul Understated is among the most dynamically talented discoveries in music since the Motown era.
The brilliance of their sound lies in combining a sultry vocalist (Mavis ‘SWAN’ Poole), a melodic drummer(Jeremy ‘BEAN’ Clemons), and a mothership of all-star musicians. With musical sensibilities that include jazz,soul, funk, gospel, and hip hop, the influences on their sound are as varied and timeless as the music theycreate. The final product embodies the rich melodies of Earth, Wind & Fire; the enchanting tones of EllaFitzgerald; the down-deep soul of Donny Hathaway; and the exhilarating swing of Count Basie, with a hint of hiphop all infused into one harmonious body. Anyone who seeks bona fide musicianship is sure to find somethingthat pleases the musical appetite.