Suyun Kim Memorial Concert & Humber Fundraiser

Featuring Pat LaBarbera-Sax

Led by Derek Gray-Drums

One year ago, alto saxophonist Suyun Kim passed away in his sleep at the age of 29. In his passing, the Toronto music community lost a kind spirit and a beautiful musician. On Wednesday, November 27th at the Rex Hotel, the “Concert for Suyun” will be a celebration of his life. Also, this will mark the post-mortum release of “New Place To Be”, the Suyun Kim Quintet’s debut CD.

From Seoul, Korea, Suyun was completing his fourth-year of a Bachelor of Contemporary Music at Humber College. The lead alto saxophonist with the Humber Studio Jazz Ensemble, he was also a highly in demand soprano saxophonist and flutist.

In the fall of 2012, the Suyun Kim Quintet recorded their debut CD, “New Place to Be”. Featuring the compositions of Suyun Kim and pianist Byung Gul Jung, the recording was completed in November 2013. After Suyun’s passing, recording engineer Nathan Carter-Moore ( volunteered to mix and master the recordings at no cost. One year after his passing, the Suyun Kim Quintet is pleased to announce the official release of “New Place To Be” at the Rex.

A portion of the contributions from the concert/CD sales will be donated to Humber College’s Suyun Kim Memorial Scholarship.