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Tom Richards is a musician with a kaleidoscopic range of work. A low-brass specialist, pianist, composer, conductor, and producer, Tom performs in dozens of active projects, including The Heavyweights Brass Band, The Human Rights, Riverrun, and The Woodshed Orchestra. Riverrun has become well known for pushing the boundaries of conventional performance practice through the radical use of technology and the staging of 12-hour marathon performances.

Tom has recorded and performed with Roscoe Mitchell, Ron Sexmith, Ben Caplan, Bruno Capinan, Bros, Nomadica, David Braid, The Wooden Sky, Drumhand, The Hidden Cameras, The Rheostatics, Spoon, Shred Kelly, The Massey Hall Band, The Australian Art Orchestra, Theatre Columbus, Soulpepper Theatre, Skeleton Crew, FOG, Ebi, The Composer’s Collective Big Band, and many others. Tom recorded on trombone for the award-winning Cuphead video game soundtrack, released in 2017. (source: http://www.insoundmusic.com/)

The Big Butter and Egg Men play your favourite old tunes in a new way. Good for all kinds of dancing and drinking!

Tom Richards- Trombone/ Vocals

Jacob Gorzhaltsan – Clarinet

Kaelin Murphy – Trumpet

Gabriel DeSantis – Banjo/ Vocals

Chris Adriaanse – Bass

Lowell Whitty – Drums